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90-day Impact Plan For New Managers and Supervisors

Are you a newly appointed manager or supervisor?  Or a prospective manager?  Were you recently given a new job assignment? This two-day intensive program is for managers, supervisors and high-potential staff who, at the start of their new assignments, want to create impact in their first 100 days.
 “The first 100 days” was first coined by US President F.D Roosevelt and has since then been adopted as a measure of accomplishments during this crucial period in a leader’s term.
A new manager’s initial behaviours, decisions and actions will be closely watched and scrutinized by everyone, from his team members, his peers and the appointing management of the company. Mistakes in the first few months  can  plant the seeds of failure in the future. In fact, a recent study,” The State of Frontline Leadership” cites that close to 40% of first-time managers ultimately fail.  In this program, a systematic approach to creating a positive image and bringing in early results will be explored in a highly engaging mode.  

Key Benefits to Participants
  • The participants will learn:
  • The participants will learn eight systematic steps to create a roadmap of success
  • They will avoid common pitfalls of newly appointed leaders
  • They will approach their new jobs with a customized roadmap to success and with full self-confidence to achieve their mandate and success

Key Benefits to the Company
The company will:
  • Acquire a systematic managerial on-boarding process
  • Generate a higher success rate for newly promoted supervisors and managers
  • Gain highly confident supervisors and managers 

Program Overview:
·      MODULE 1 – The Psychology of Change & Personal Transitions
o   Dynamics of change and transitions
o   Change is an event: to be managed
o   Transition is a state of mind: a people issue     
·      MODULE 2 – Manage Your Transition
o   Psychological Losses & Wins
o   Do’s and Don’ts during transition
o   Analyzing the opportunities & risks in the new job
o   Analysis of Critical Success Factors  
·      MODULE 3 – Developing a Learning Map: The first 30 days
o   Learning points & questions to ask
o   Meetings with stakeholders
o   First team meeting  
·      MODULE 4 – Customizing entry strategies to Transition Types
o   Four types of transitions
o   Challenges of each transition type
o   Create your transition strategy
o   Case studies  
·      MODULE 5 – Achieve Early Wins
o   Prioritization
o   Beware of Potential Dysfunctions
o   Credibility and performance in the next 60 days  
·      MODULE 6 – Aligning with the Boss
o  Situational analysis
o  Matching expectations and styles
o  Getting resources and support  
·      MODULE 7 – Building your team
o  Teambuilding Framework
o  Teamwork Exercise  
·      MODULE 8 – Keep your Balance
o  Transition traps and stressors
o  Personal “disciplines”    
·      MODULE 9 – Strengthen Your Network
o  Identify stakeholders and draw shadow organization
o  Stakeholder Analysis 
·      MODULE 10 – Aligning Systems and Processes
o  The 4-S for Alignment
o  Developing the Transition Map   

Who Should Attend
  • Business owners and general managers, vice presidents and HR managers who want to help prospective managers become successful.
  • First time managers and supervisors who want to avoid the pitfalls of 40% of newly appointed managers and supervisors who ultimately fail in their careers
  • High -potential staff who will soon assume supervisory and managerial positions.


ENRIQUE “RIC” V. ABADESCO                                                  
Senior Consultant, Corporate Achievers Institute (COACH)

     Considered as one of the pioneers in the organizational development (OD) field in the Philippines, Ric Abadesco was the first OD Manager of San Miguel Corporation. Ric has over 10 years of international exposure with Exxon Chemical Company, one of the world’s largest petrochemical businesses, initially as Asia Pacific regional manager of OD and Education, then later as Senior OD Adviser for Europe. Eventually, he became its worldwide manager for Organizational Effectiveness and Total Quality Development, based in the U.S.A. In 1993, Ric rejoined San Miguel as Senior Vice President for its Corporate Human Resources Division. Ric graduated with a Masters degree in Management from the Asian Institute of Management and has attended various executive development programs at the Harvard Business School, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland, and at the National Training Laboratory in Maine, U.S.A. Ric is a trained assessor in the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria and is a member of the panel of Judges in the Philippine Quality Award.  He is an adjunct professor with the Asian Institute of Management. Ric was the 2008 National President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and as a certified fellow of the prestigious Society of Fellows on the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines.