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Foundational Skills for Supervisors and Managers

You’ve just been parachuted into unknown territory: the world of leadership and management. Your current technical and functional skills have served you well and you’ve progressed to the coveted position of supervisor/manager. You are however, entering a new terrain which is filled with new challenges. To survive and grow in your current role as a leader/manager, you need to increase your understanding of the fundamentals of leadership and management.  You need to broaden your perspective by discovering the latest thinking in business leadership and management. This two-day program will provide you the basic toolkit to prosper in your new role and contribute to business results by integrating the latest thinking in the demanding tasks of business leadership and management.

Key Benefits to Participants
The participants will learn:
·      That they could no longer depend on their technical or functional skills to be successful in their new roles as managers and leaders:
o   About the latest research and best practices in inspiring leadership
o   The most effective frameworks and tools of planning, organizing and control
o   Meaningful insights on effective managerial leadership
o   How to utilize different leadership styles for different types of employees
o   How to create a motivating work environment
Key Benefits to Companies
Your Company will gain:
  • More effective decision makers and inspiring leaders
  • Individual employees and teams who will be motivated by supervisors and managers who as a result of this course will be more aware of their key roles and guided by best practices in managerial leadership
  • From avoiding potential demotivation and even loss of valuable talents resulting from poor supervision and leadership
  • Minimizing damage of poor planning, monitoring and  problem solving
 Program Concept
         This course will heighten the participants’ awareness that their success as technical or functional specialists (e.g. engineers, accountants, salesmen, marketing specialists) will not guarantee their success as managers and leaders.  To equip them for their new roles as supervisors and managers, frameworks and tools drawn from latest research and best-of-breed practices will be introduced through interactive lectures, class discussions, storytelling of cases and examples.  Experiential simulations will be utilized as major learning vehicles to generate insights on effective management. Self-diagnostics and cases on leadership will enhance self- awareness, a requisite for the adoption of effective leadership habits.
Program Overview
·      Module 1: Understanding a New Role
o   From Specialist to a Leader/Manager
o   Career stages and transitions
o   Job analysis
·      Module 2: Definitions
o   Defining Leadership
o   Defining the management functions
·      Module 3: Leadership and Management in the New Millennium
o   The new realities
o   The age of human capital
·      Module 4: Basics of People and Organizations
o   A diagnostic exercise
o   Motivational and organizational theories
·      Module 5: Putting it All Together
o   Management simulation exercise
·      Module 6: The Business of Leadership
o   5 elements of leadership
o   360 degree feedback/exercise
·      Module 7: Leadership Styles
o   Self-assessment exercise
o   Case studies and role plays
·      Module 8: Planning
o   Linking with vision and values
o   Developing objectives, standards and work plans
o   Workshop exercises
·      Module 9: Organizing Work
o   Organization structures
o   Building teams
o   Delegation
o   Case studies from retailing, pharmaceutical and banking industries
·      Module 10: Controlling and Monitoring
o   Balanced scorecard
o   Metrics and monitoring techniques
o   Case studies from telecommunications, food and beverage industries
·      Module 11: Managing Performance
o   Balancing task/team/individuals
o   Performance management model
·      Module 12: Self Mastery
o   Empowerment through a personal vision
o   Workshop exercises
o   Learning Summary and Skill Development Tips
Program Methodology
Utilizes the following:
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Examples in powerful story format
  • Class-observed-facilitator-critiqued group presentations
  • Stimulating Class Discussions
Who Should Attend
  • Newly appointed supervisors and managers
  • Technical and functional specialists with potential to assume supervisory and managerial positions in the   near future
  • Seasoned supervisors and managers wishing to attend a review class on the latest in leadership and management
Senior Consultant, Corporate Achievers Institute (COACH)

       Considered as one of the pioneers in the organizational development (OD) field in the Philippines, Ric Abadesco was the first OD Manager of San Miguel Corporation. Ric has over 10 years of international exposure with Exxon Chemical Company, one of the world’s largest petrochemical businesses, initially as Asia Pacific regional manager of OD and Education, then later as Senior OD Adviser for Europe. Eventually, he became its worldwide manager for Organizational Effectiveness and Total Quality Development, based in the U.S.A. In 1993, Ric rejoined San Miguel as Senior Vice President for its Corporate Human Resources Division. Ric graduated with a Masters degree in Management from the Asian Institute of Management and has attended various executive development programs at the Harvard Business School, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland, and at the National Training Laboratory in Maine, U.S.A. Ric is a trained assessor in the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria and is a member of the panel of Judges in the Philippine Quality Award.  He is an adjunct professor with the Asian Institute of Management. Ric was the 2008 National President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and as a certified fellow of the prestigious Society of Fellows on the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines